About Pricing: Translation

When it comes to pricing, do you feel lost in translation? Take the time to read this short memo, which lists the various parameters of translation pricing – and provides a clear breakdown of my prices.

The Market

The standard price unit in translation is the word. Translators can adjust their price per word according to the language combination, the level of expertise of the document or the number of repetitions.

  • Most common pricing unit: per word
  • Prices generally vary from one language combination to the other.
  • Technical documents are sometimes subject to a higher price per word.
  • Tight deadlines generally drive the prices up.
  • Repetitions can be subject to a reduced price per word.

My Pricing Policy

Language Combination

It is easy to understand that varying prices from one language to the other are based on offer and demand.

Where I stand: Whatever language combination you are seeking, you are expecting the same service and the same quality. This is why my price per word is always the same for all language combination.


Why single out technical terminology? A text branded simple because it contains everyday language can prove very hard to translate. Yet for these grammatical or idiomatic difficulties, the prices are not driven up.

Furthermore, it is not easy to quantify the technicality of a text. Without a standard scale to determine the technical nature of a text, it is possible that the customer (you) disagrees with the translator.

Where I stand: I believe all texts are equal. Terminology research is only invoiced where you explicitly asked to receive a glossary with the translation.

About Repetitions

Discounts on repetitions help reduce the final price. Yet while repetitions are now a mainstream factor for discount in pricing, it should be important to know what is considered a repetition. The recurrence of prepositions in a text cannot reasonably be considered a factor for repetition. The fact is that repetitions are determined by a word count software or a CAT tool. Within the tool, the result varies according to the selected settings. As a matter of fact, it is unlikely that the final client has any control over this calculation.

Where I stand: I believe in trust and transparency. Rather than chopping texts and selling parts at a discount, with little accountability on the pricing method, I consider that a commercial gesture is more pleasant and transparent than a confusing, systematic discount. As a result, I do not offer reduced prices on repetitions, but I do offer general promotions on a regular basis! Should you want to learn more about my work or my prices, you can contact me via the form available on this website.


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