French translatorSay it well: Targeted and Tailored Communication in French

Progress is all about sharing ideas and overcoming borders. I believe in helping businesses and authors to make their voices heard across countries.

My professional choices have always been driven by my curiosity and my passion for words. Thanks to my expertise in translation, transcreation and copywriting, I provide quality contents in French for English– and Spanish-speaking companies of the financial, design and publishing sectors.

Unlike spoken word and hearsay, written contents stay. Should you hire me, you will have at your disposal an expert of the translation workflow as well as a writing professional, with linguistic and stylistic skills. My promise: quality contents in French, delivered on time and in compliance with your expectations regarding privacy.

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My certifications

Chatered by the Chartered Institute of Linguists
CAE Cambridge diploma
Certificate of Advanced English (Passed at Grade A)
Bachelor in English (elective: Spanish, with distinction)
Master’s degree in Translation Studies (with distinction)
« Google pour les Pros » Digital Marketing Certificate

My Values

  • Openness

I believe that progress is fuelled by the sharing of ideas across borders and that language is at the heart of this. This is why I chose my profession: helping businesses and authors making their voices heard across countries is about more than making a living.


  • Curiosity

A day without learning is a wasted day. I am equally passionate about language as I am about my areas of specialization. I keep informed of new developments in my profession. Learning about the fields in which I work is equally important, so as to fully understand the context in which they are written. I have completed Google’s Digital Marketing certification in 2015 and I am currently taking a course in finance. This allows me to guarantee a correct French version, which will encourage your reader to fully engage with your message.


  • Good writing

Language influences our thought process: expressing our thoughts correctly nurtures quality and efficiency. I believe that there is a right word for every idea and that a poor language makes one’s thoughts poorer. French is my mother language and you will receive contents which combine impact and accuracy. To achieve that level of service, I have completed a Master’s degree in Translation Studies and I continue to attend training on a regular basis. I have recently requested to be a chartered member of the CIOL and my application is currently under review.


  • Service

Business should be handled in a respectful and polite way on both ends. In an era where top customer service is getting scarce, I take pride in making your experience as smooth as possible. You will receive a timely reply to your request with a proposed PO that you can directly sign online. This PO protects you as a customer, as it is proof that you have ordered a service from me. And there is no trip to the printer-scanner needed! I only accept projects that I can handle and always provide the shortest possible timeline. Finally, you are given a comfortable 30 days after delivery to settle your invoice and I am currently considering accepting credit card payments.


  • Tenacity

Aiming at above and beyond is a strong value that I share with my clients. Though I am aware what my skills (and my limitations) are, I do not give up in front of a difficult text and I strive to solve arising issues the best way I can in an autonomous manner. I only ask a question if I am really at a loss for an answer. You get a precise and fluent French version on time.

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