“Text revision […] is a cognate taken from the French révision. While “revision” in English usually implies modification of the text, révision denotes a series of specific activities performed on a written text, which may or may not require modifying the text. (…)

professional revision: the act of checking a target text against a source text before delivery to an enduser.”

Source: The ATA Chronicle (January 2013), Jonathan T. Hine, “Do Not Take It Personally! Secrets of Revision”

By using my services to proofread and correct your texts in French, you will benefit from my linguistic expertise of financial texts and marketing contents.

What you need to know beforehand:

  • Are we dealing with an original French text or with a translation?
  • Do you require a confrontation between the French version and the source text or an assessment of the efficiency of your French text?
  • What do you want to check? Style? Terminology? Grammar? Everything at once?

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Note : About Automated Translation

Automatic translation is fast and looks very inexpensive. While this may seem appealing at first glance, it may not be the best solution: automated translations systematically require subsequent human review and adjustments which can be a bigger cost than expected. Moreover, the final version will not result in a fully localised message, which would be the only way to see a substantial return on your translation investment. However, I can rewrite or revise your automatically translated texts if needed.

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