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You are looking for a French version that is faithful to your original message. You will accept no less than a text that flows as if it had been originally drafted by a native speaker. In other words, you want a translation that celebrates your message. Here is a digest of what you should know.

Localisation and cultural consulting

Translation consists of transferring a message from a source language into a target language. I translate from my sources languages (English and Spanish) into my native language, French.

Localisation guarantees that text and non-textual contents manage to provide a native experience. In order for localisation to be efficient, it is best to enlist the services of a professional who is native in the target language and has experience with your source language. Thanks to my extensive international background, I know the subtleties that make up my source languages. While this is important for all translations, it becomes vital in localisation matters and marketing contents, which often mobilize specific cultural references.

About automatic translation

Automatic translation can be detrimental to the success of your project in many ways.

In the case of online content, automatic translation can be harmful to your Search Engine Optimization strategy. The automatically translated page can even be considered as spam by Google.

Stylistically, the quality of automatically translated texts remains inferior to that of a text delivered by a human translator, even though automatic translation shows improvement. As a matter of fact, automatic translation still produces many mistranslations.

A human translator is not a technophobe

Depending on what documents you wish to translate, Computer-Assisted Translation tools (CAT) may come in handy within the management of your projects. You may need my services for the implementation of computer-assisted translation.

But what is Computer-Assisted Translation? It encompasses all the IT tools which are used by the translator. These tools include: Internet; spell- and grammar-checkers; terminology managers; concordancers and Translation Memory tools. Concordancers and Translation Memories can be used to retrieve already translated segments, thus enhancing the quality and coherence within the translation process.

Here is a list of the CAT tools with which I am familiar:

  • Grammar-checker: Antidote
  • Concordancer: Antconc
  • Translation Memory softwares: OmegaT; Trados; MemoQ; Wordfast

Let a professional translator take care of your project. You can always trust me with your most technical documents. My method combines thorough terminology research with my writing skills.

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